Diversity Presentation :  $350 for the first show and $150 for each additional

The original Supe's Presentation, this show is perfect for classrooms, camps and small parties.  This show stars insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.  The discussion focuses on adaptations and diversity of life and can be adapted for any age group.   

Ocean Touch Pool Rental :  $450 for the first hour and $150 per additional hour
Add 2 Exotic Animals for $100 (contact us for current availability list)

Our touchpools are a great addition to any party or event and offer a very unique opportunity for your guests to interact with many amazing ocean animals including starfish, urchins, sharks and stingrays. We must have access to electricity within 100 feet of the setup area.  We will bring our own extension cords.  We must also be able to pull our vehicle within 60 feet of the setup area to pump water into and out of the pool(s).

Exotic Petting Zoo :  $450 for the first hour and $150 per additional hour

This is our original display and features many of the animals found in our Diversity Presentation.  Your guests will be given the opportunity to interact with and learn about  a wide variety of animals from all over the world at their own pace. This is a great choice for larger parties, open houses, fairs and other events.

Contact us with any questions you may have or to book your party

              Phone: 810-354-9040      Email: supesej@yahoo.com

Oceans and Rivers Presentation : $450 for the first show and $150 for each additional

This presentation offers a very unique experience where your students or guests will learn about and pet many aquatic animals including frogs, turtles, alligators, starfish, urchins, crabs, sharks and stingrays while also learning about the components of a healthy ocean ecosystem and handling coral skeletons, shark eggs and other unique visual aides.  Take a field trip to the bottom of the ocean without leaving the classroom or take your ocean themed party to the next level.

Exotic Petting Zoo and Ocean Touch Pool Combo Rental : $900 for the first hour and $150 per additional hour

Can't decide on a display or just want to go big for your next event?  Combo rentals are available and are very popular for larger parties and festivals

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