Lola is back :)  Our friendly horn shark Lola has returned this spring.  She is an amazing animal and will gladly allow you to pet her as she curiously bobs her head out of the water to check you out.  You can see Lola and our other friendly sharks in the 1000 gallon Shark Pond in our Ocean Room

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Our new free flight aviary is open and has been a huge hit with our guests this season.  featuring many colorful birds from Australia, this exhibit allows our guests to get up close and hand feed the birds in this large, naturalistic environment. 

What's New? Summer 2017

Taz and Toby are our new ringtail lemurs.  They arrived here in March and have fit right in and become great troop mates for our female ringtail, Nyah.  They are so much fun to watch as they interact and our guests can hand feed them while learning about these amazing primates.